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Ultraseal. When Arriving at Your Destination Really Matters!
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    "Dear Mr. Jon Rubo,
    ...I would recommend Ultraseal to anyone. It is a great product that we will continue to invest in for years to come...."

    Superior Ambulance Service
    Dear Mr. Jon Rubo,
    Our maintenance shops have been using the product, Ultraseal, since 2002. Collectively, we service a fleet of just under four hundred vehicles (mostly Ford). Ultraseal has been an absolute asset to our operation. In the past six years, I have noticed that we've had a significant decrease in tire blow outs and towing service bills relating to tire issues.
    In addition, the overall quality of the tires has improved, so we're also saving money on new tires, and vehicle down time since the tires don't have to be replaced as frequently.
    I would recommend Ultraseal to anyone. It is a great product that we will continue to invest in for years to come.
    Paul Meminger, Maintenance Shop Manager, Superior Air-Ground Ambulance Service, Inc.

    "To Whom IT May Concern:
    ...Ultraseal has performed perfectly with no adverse affect on the Tire Pressure Sensors. We highly recommend this product for all tire applications.... "

    Silica Corporation, dba ASmartCar.com
    To Whom It May Concern: This letter is about Ultraseal, but first you need some background on why I embrace this product.
    My name is Ron Gaus and I'm the President of aSmartCar.com in St. Louis. We are a distributor of the original Mercedes engine, European Smart Cars. Our rare cars (only 1,026) were brought into the US in 2005 and 2006, prior to Mercedes deciding to bring their Americanized version over.
    For those that don't know about the Smart Car, it was designed by Nicholas Hayek, the creator of Swatch Watches, in 1994. He wanted this car to be the answer to what he felt was a growing need for safe smaller cars around the world. Mercedes agreed to be the manufacturer, but they also felt the SUV culture in America would prevent acceptance of the car.
    In June 2006, however, they conservatively committed to bring 16,000 Smarts to America in 2008. On the first day of delivery, January 16th, 2008, there was a year backlog. By the end of the year, almost 25,000 Smarts had been sold.
    Today, in the middle of the worst automobile market in our history, the Smart Car continues to hold that 12 month backlog of orders. One of the curiosities of this little Smart Car is that the front tires are different sized than the rear to assist in road handling. The car's size, around 8 feet in total, doesn't leave a lot of room for excess storage. Those two facts mean that even if the Smart had room for a spare, it would require TWO spares. There just isn't room for even one. Obviously, this is not a good scenario for potential flats on the roadways of America.
    To better protect our customers, we began to research different products to meet this need. Ultraseal, as a highly tested water based product, seemed to be the best of category. In fact, the top Smart Car site in the world (www.evilution.co.uk), endorsed Ultraseal for all Smart Cars. We have since provided Ultraseal to all customers who purchased their vehicles through our distributorship. We were so impressed with the product, we made a suggestion to the distributor of the 2008 Smart Cars (Penske Automotive Group). We advised they either pre-install Ultraseal in all Smart Car tires or provide this wonderful product as an option. They did not accept our recommendation, though we may know the reason.
    The new Smart Cars have tire pressure sensors in each wheel. Those sensor manufacturers advise against using any presealant additive to tires with their sensors to prevent possible malfunctions. The Penske group therefore, as directed by Mercedes, suggests using a "fix a flat" type of sealant and inflating device after a problem occurs. Unfortunately, that requires getting out of the car, checking the severity of the damage, an attempt at repairing the damage with the sealant (if not beyond repair) and then going to a service station to check the extent of damage.
    Ultraseal seals immediately upon puncture of up to 1/4" nail or screw. As we viewed the problem, it was worth the risk to try the Ultraseal instead, even if it did cause a malfunction. We purchased a new 2008 Smart Car with Tire Pressure Sensors, added Ultraseal to each tire and began a nine month study continuing today. Over 10,000 miles have now been logged on our 2008 Smart. In those 10,000 miles, there has not been one low pressure warning or default in the system. Ultraseal has performed perfectly with no adverse affect on the Tire Pressure Sensors. We highly recommend this product for all tire applications.
    Ronald Gaus, President - ASmartCar.com

    "Dear Ultraseal:
    Just a note to let you know how good your product works.... "

    Southern Tire Mart
    Dear Ultraseal:
    Just a note to let you know how good your product works. As a tire company that services four waste hauler yards who were having a lot of flats. On one yard alone we had two men working 10 hours per day taking care of their tire needs, mostly flats.
    Since we started using Ultraseal in their tires, the flats have all but stopped. The yard that had two men in it, now has one working 5 hours per day saving my customers a lot of money and making them very happy. Just thought you would like to know.
    Dale Richards, Service Manager, Southern Tire Mart, LLC, Dallas Texas

    "Dear Sir,
    ...We have no hesitation in recommending it's use to prospective users.... "

    Avis Australia
    Dear Sir,
    As requested, this Company has very much pleasure in endorsing your tyre sealant product which has been in use throughout our rental vehicles and truck fleet for some eight months.
    We have no hesitation in recommending its use to prospective users.
    Yours Faithfully, William Maher, Managing Director

    "To whom it may concern,
    ...I believe Ultraseal will benefit fleets in preventing puncture related tyre breakdowns...."

    Bandag South Africa
    To whom it may concern,
    On Tuesday the 23rd of January 2007, several Bandag technical personnel attended a demonstration of the Ultraseal product at the Bandag head office in Sunny Rock. The demonstration involved a radial passenger vehicle tyre containing Ultraseal being run over a board of nails. The following was noticed: 1) Ultraseal did seal the puncture wounds, 2) There was no discernable change in tyre pressure after the puncture 3) The vehicle was able to operate normally after the puncture.
    Although the impact of Ultraseal on the longevity of tyres or on the retread process was not measured, I believe Ultraseal will benefit fleets in preventing puncture-related tyre breakdowns.
    Brian Clarke, Fleet Sales Manager, Bandag Southern Africa

    "Dear Ron,
    ...Please feel free to use this information as a reference for your excellent product...."

    Budini Corporation
    Dear Ron,
    This is to inform about the tests ran at our client CARSTENSEN FREIGHT LINES, INC. from Clinton, Iowa, for the product ULTRASEAL. Verifying our records, we find the following information:
    Duration of the test: 2 1/2 years
    Selected tires: Goodyear, G167A, 11 R 22.5
    Application: Tandem Tractors on Carstensen route 122T
    Axles: Front and Rear Drives
    Population: 8 tires on the same vehicle and 2 tires on other vehicle.
    Compared to the fleet's average, the tires loaded with ULTRASEAL outperformed all others running in the same application by 24% (9,694 miles per /32 for the ULTRASEAL compared to 7,846 miles per /32 for all other combined). There was no vehicle downtime due to tire-related problems with the tires loaded with ULTRASEAL.
    During internal tire and wheel inspections (well over 100,000 miles) the wheels showed no evidence of rust or corrosion. The ULTRASEAL products appear to be in stable condition.
    The test was interrupted in 1994 when CARSTENSEN FREIGHT LINES, INC. decided to get out of the trucking business and sold their fleet to another company.
    Please feel free to use this information as a reference for your excellent product. CARSTENSEN FREIGHT LINES, INC. represented by Mr. Jim Carstensen has authorized our company to publish this and other tire performance related information.
    My best regards, Tony Nicolini, Corporate Officer (USA)

    "Dear Ms. Aguirre,
    ...I would not hesitate to recommend the use of Ultraseal to anyone...."

    Perry County Tire
    Dear Ms. Aguirre,
    My name is O.J. Miller and I am writing to let you know the results that we have experienced with the use of your tire sealant, Ultraseal.
    I wanted to see if your product would do what you claimed it would, such as allowing the tires to run cooler. So I treated one of the big rigs that hauls coal down some pretty steep grades. These trailers carry as much as seventy tons of weight on them, and the tires get so hot that they are destroyed by the high temperatures that they are exposed to.
    So we put your product to the test. When we got at the bottom of the grade, we pulled over and checked the tires with an infrared heat sensor gun and let me tell you "you've made a believer out of me". The tires ran up to 35 degrees cooler, plus we have seen a vast reduction in flat tires. Heat is a tire's worst enemy.
    Therefore, I understand why you named your product Ultraseal Tire Life Extender/Sealer. By allowing tires to run cooler, the life of the tire will definitely be extended.
    Therefore, I would not hesitate to recommend the use of Ultraseal to anyone.
    Sincerely, O.J. Miller, Vice President, Perry County Tire, Inc. Proprietor

    "Dear Ron,
    ...We have noticed a marked increase in retreadable casings from customers who prior had a high casing reject rate due to premature tire failure...."

    Jersey Bandag, Inc.
    Dear Ron,
    Jersey Bandag, Inc., has been using Ultraseal in all types of Fleet Operations. Our Customers include Waste Haulers, State Department of Transportation, Public and Private Landfills, Public Works Departments, School Districts, Landscapers, Construction Companies, Hazardous Waste Removers, Cable Company Fleets, GPU Nuclear, Jersey Central Public Utilities and long and short haul Owner Operators.
    We would like you to know that Jersey Bandag, Inc. through the use of Ultraseal Tire Life Extender has shown Fleet Mangers, Transportation Directors and "Hands On" Maintenance Personnel, how to lower their cost per mile of operation.
    We have proven to our customers that Ultraseal reduces Flat Repairs, Air Loss, improves Casing Longevity and overall tire performance. Here is a case in point.
    Our local School District is quite large, (10 Elementary, 4 Intermediate and 3 High Schools). The Security Department was having a problem with flats on their security vehicles. At least six flats a week. These vehicles traveled the grassy fields, playground, parking lots and trails along the school. Most flats caused by thorns, glass slivers and other various debris. We applied Ultraseal to one S1O pickup with 235/75RI5 tires. No flats have occurred to date. This caused the School District to treat all Security vehicles with Ultraseal. In addition the Buildings and Grounds Department has also begun to use Ultraseal in their equipment.
    Ron, Jersey Bandag has also benefited from this remarkable product. We have noticed a marked increase in retreadable casings from customers who prior had a high casing reject rate due to premature tire failure.
    Obviously, we now retread more tires which translates to higher customer satisfaction and to a larger bottom line. All this success with Ultraseal Tire Life Extender has brought us to give it the title of "INF" ("It Never Fails"). "It Never Fails" to eliminate air loss and deliver longer casing life.
    Ultraseal has become an "extra value service" that we offer our Customers.
    We are proud to be an Ultraseal Distributor
    Take Care, Anthony Maione, Jr., Vice President and General Manager, Jersey Bandag, Inc.

    "...JM Trucking would like to inform you that we are extremely pleased with your amazing Ultraseal product...."

    JM Trucking
    JM Trucking would like to inform you that we are extremely pleased with your amazing ULTRASEAL product.
    Not only does it work but it also has a lasting effect. Thus decreasing our tyre expenses.
    We would also recommend your company to anyone because they, as us, would not regret doing business with you.
    We look forward to a continual of business in the near future. Kind Regards,

    "Dear Liz,
    ...We encourage our customers who experience recurring tire failures on the road to use Ultraseal and then the "suspect" tire failure immediately cease.... "

    Maine Commercial Tire, Inc. #1
    Dear Liz,
    I am writing in response to your inquiry about our retreading practices and the integration of the Ultraseal product into that process.
    We operate a Bandag shop and produce 140 tires a day on one shift. It is very common to see tires retreaded twice and three times. One of our customers with a very well managed tire program retreads four times. We see drive tires run 200,000 miles and as much as 300,000 miles under ideal conditions. The average steering tire will run between 80,000 and 150,000 miles depending on weights and routes.
    Our method for removing Ultraseal from the casing is simply to flood the inside of the tire with water, using a simple garden hose, and "flip" the excess out. The tire is then stacked awaiting the initial inspection. By the time the tire is ready for inspection, the liner has dried and the Ultraseal is no longer a factor on the surface of the liner.
    As regards to punctures, the Ultraseal actually makes it easier to find evidence of objects penetrating the liner, which have been pulled out. The fibrous Ultraseal repair protrudes from each puncture site and makes it easier to visually detect the puncture. The process of reaming the hole removes any remaining sealant. We routinely find tires with two, three and more nails, remaining in the tire. The Ultraseal feature that is most important to us, as a retreader, is the reduction of tire failures mistakenly attributed to the tire of being "a retread".
    We encourage our customers who experience recurring tire failures on the road to use Ultraseal and then the "suspect" tire failure immediately cease. This removes the stigma that retreads somehow self-destruct on certain fleets. We take care of fleets operating in some very difficult terrain and still our retread failure rate is only 1.6%.
    Very truly yours, Jim McCurdy, Vice President, Sales

    "To Whom It May Concern:
    ...I feel I must write you to tell you how happy we are with your product...."

    Maine Commercial Tire, Inc. #2
    To Whom It May Concern:
    I feel I must write you to tell you how happy we are with your product. Following our decision to add to our "package of value" for our customers, we decided a tire sealant was required in our line. Experience with a number of sealant products and their support organizations convinced us that Ultraseal fit with our goals best. The combination of a quality product, fair pricing and flawless service has made our use of Ultraseal sealant a win/win process for both our customers and for Maine Commercial Tire.
    Let me relate an example of the value we see in Ultraseal. We retread 140 truck tires a day and vigorously promote the quality of our products and services. One of our customers called me and warned that we "had better check our retread shop because he had a lot of retreaded tires failing". The fleet owner described the runs as long haul loads of bark mulch. After examining his scrap pile and doing a fleet survey, our opinion was that, his owner-operators were running his company owned trailer tires Iowa on air thereby bringing on the "blowouts". A little detective work discovered that the trailers were, indeed, hauling bark mulch one way. However, the return load was demolition debris. We suggested he point out two triple axle trailers to test Ultraseal Sealant. We filled 12 tires at no charge and he paid full price for the other 12. After a month of running, neither trailer had suffered a tire failure. As a result of this test the customer purchased a 55 gal drum of Ultraseal for his own use and installs it in every tire they run.
    As a commercial tire dealer and Bandag retreader, we have been able to cut down the number of truck tires in the "policy adjustment" category by using U1traseal Sealant. The removal of Ultraseal from worn casings for retread purposes poses no problem, and this product enhances the reputation of the "staying power" of our Bandag retreads.
    In summary, I feel a tire dealer is not providing a complete package of value if he does not have an effective sealant available for those customers who would benefit from it. We recommend Ultraseal highly.
    Sincerely, Jim McCurdy, Vice President, Sales

    "...One thing that has really helped is Ultraseal...."

    Sentinel Transportation, LLC
    I wanted to take a few minutes and write you a letter thanking you for the manner in which you maintain the tires in our fleet.
    As you well know we have over 1,200 tires on the ground in varying applications. You have worked hard to lower our tire cost to $.0061 per mile below the national average. Based on the miles we run, that works out to more than $1,000 per month in savings.
    One thing that has really helped is Ultraseal. Before using Ultraseal you would come out and fix approximately 9 flat or slack tires on any given week. Since using this product we are averaging less than 2 flat or slack tires a month. Not to mention the savings in downtime and road calls.
    Thank you Belvin, for the care you take of our fleet and the quality of the products and services you provide.
    Sincerely, John Defoor, Terminal Manager, Sentinel Transportation, LLC

    "...I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone who wants to save time, money and the inconvenience that punctures cause...."

    Sloan's Auto Electrical Sales and Service
    I thought you would be interested in having some feedback on the use of your Tyre Sealant product.
    I run three vans, and have your product in all our tyres fitted to same. In my business we have to go onto building & motorway sites, scrap yards, etc., which are all rough terrain, and the later full of bits of metal nails etc. Before I used the sealant I was constantly having to pay out for puncture repairs, and at the very least the cost was £10 per week, and in some cases a new tyre required. It doesn't sound like a lot of money but over a year your talking in excess of £500.
    I have had the sealant in the tyres for approx. a year now and have pulled out nails, wood & metal, the tyres have not punctured and are in good condition, and the sealant has not done any harm whatsoever to the tyres.
    In my leisure time I ride a Harley Davidson and am a member of a Harley Owner's Club. It was one of the members who introduced me to the sealant, and most of the club members now use the product in their bike tyres, and cars. I have to admit I was rather skeptical when first introduced to the product as it sounded too good to be true, but having used it I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone who wants to save time, money and the inconvenience that punctures cause.
    Many Thanks,
    Yours sincerely, John Sloan