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Ultraseal International

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Was founded in Los Angeles, California in 1969. The original Ultraseal formula was specifically designed to seal tire punctures for the rapidly growing 4x4, dune buggy and off-road recreational vehicle market. The product received overwhelming positive response along with requests to produce additional formulas to meet the needs of conventional automobiles, trucks and equipment.

One such request came from Mickey Thompson, a well-known off-road racecar driver and an old friend of Ron and Liz Aguirre, founders of Ultraseal. Throughout his racing career, tire punctures and flats had caused major problems and cost him a race, on occasion. He encouraged Ron and Liz to expand their market into off-road racing and motocross with its large and faithful following.

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In 1970, Ultraseal was contacted by NASA and asked to supply product for use in the Apollo Lunar Rover Vehicle (LRV) program. Several prototype LRVs equipped with pneumatic tires were being tested in the desert to simulate how vehicle systems would react to what scientists expected to find on the moon. The rapid pace of R&D allowed no time for the needless delays being caused by tire punctures. Reports confirmed that once Ultraseal was installed tire punctures were no longer an issue.

The nation faced the first OPEC petroleum crisis in the early 70s. This prompted many in government to rethink how it used fuel and petroleum derivatives such as tires. Agencies including the US Postal Service (USPS) adopted a "Green" policy. Retreading became the order of the day. They knew that instituting a tire retread program would save valuable resources and capital. The quantity of petroleum used to produce a tire is approximately 3 times that of what is required to produce a retread.

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Moreover, by reducing air loss caused by porosity and slow leaks, it would be possible to extend tread life and reduce fuel consumption. In December of 1992, the USPS issued a bulletin to use retreads wherever possible and sent the notice to their Vehicle Maintenance Facility (VNF) managers nationwide. In September 1993, USPS Vehicle Maintenance Bulletin V-21-93 mandated retreading. The bulletin included a new provision that set forth specific standards and requirements for the use of tire sealants in US Postal Service vehicles. Ultraseal International Inc. was the only manufacturer to meet or exceed the standard as an "Approved Tire Sealant" as referenced in the bulletin.

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Over the next several years, new Ultraseal formulas were added that were specific to municipal and military applications. As before, Ultraseal proved to be of great benefit to users.

Since 1969, Ultraseal has been committed to providing the very best tire life extending products and services available.