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Tire Sizes, Applications & Situations to Avoid
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Applications and Situations Not Recommended for Ultraseal Usage

Ultraseal Tirelife Extender/Sealer will provide its many benefits to the vast majority of tube and tubeless tires, however, there are a few applications or tire conditions where installation is not recommended.
Ultraseal Tirelife Extender/Sealer is not recommended for:

  1. Extreme high performance vehicles (sports cars, roadsters).
  2. Low profile tires (45, 40, 35 series and lower).
  3. Passenger vehicles (including sport utilities) fitted with oversized rims and tires. In many cases these void vehicle manufacturers’ warrantees and contribute to harsh or nervous ride capable of damaging suspension components prematurely.
  4. 4) Heavy equipment tires containing water or calcium chloride.
  5. Any tire or vehicle with previously known vibration issues that is to be operated at highway speed.
  6. Automobiles or light trucks fitted with tires with mismatched brands, sizes or running tires that were purchased used. Often these tires have undetected defects or casing damage that can induce unacceptable vibrations once treated with Ultraseal.
  7. Any tire with badly worn tread, characterized by cupped, scalloped or saw-toothed distortions. This is a general indicator for shocks, struts, steering and/or suspension components in need of repair or replacement.

CAUTION: If you intend to treat a tire that you suspect has been run flat, there is a high degree of probability that it has sustained damage. While Ultraseal can often slow the rate of air loss, it cannot correct damage sustained to the tire's belts, cords and structure.

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