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Ultraseal. On the Highway,
or Off the Road

Passenger Car on the Highway? Earthmover at the Construction Site? Forklift in the Warehouse?

The amount of Ultraseal indicated in the tire charts has been calculated to provide proper coverage within specific tire sizes. It is imperative that the proper amount of Ultraseal be installed for highway use. The Average Highway Use Chart is considered the minimum amount of Ultraseal. This provides the proper elasticity, reliability and protection for the tires.

Following the instructions supplied with the Manual Pump Kit #3610-46 will allow you to install the proper amount of Ultraseal into a fully inflated tire without air loss. One full stroke of the pump dispenses four units. The shaft of the pump is calibrated in one-unit increments so that less than four units may be selected by sliding the unit selector to the desired amount.

Highway speed vehicles: Always balance tires prior to installing Ultraseal.

Average Highway Use

This application amount is for high-speed vehicles and equipment that is used on the highway. In this application, the proper amount of Ultraseal has been calculated for high speed, optimum safety and protection for the life of the tire.

Intermediate On/Off-Road Use

This application amount is for equipment that is used on and off highways; any equipment that is in an area of increased exposure to punctures. The increased amount is additional reserve, which will provide for the repair of many additional punctures than the average tire is exposed to. Examples: construction vehicles, hunting vehicles, survey crew vehicles, utility crew vehicles, golf carts, mowers, etc.

Extreme Off-Road Use

This application amount is for equipment that is constantly off road and is required to complete a daily job. Downtime is a high expense and it is a major catastrophe when a flat tire occurs. A second consideration is the additional life Ultraseal provides in preserving the casings for additional retreads and the retardation of dry rot. Example: graders, tractors, back hoes.